Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New CD release: ISGLEM!

Release of new album tomorrow!

The duo Isglem (with Karl Seglem & me) has been working together for nearly 30 years. 
Around 2500 concerts of free improvised music ONLY. Now our 5th album is ready to be released by NOR CD - on August the 19th!

Some photos from last weeks work.

I was in North Korea last week to work with some very talented drummers.
Below you will find some photos.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ice concert listed as the highlight of festival.

Review of our concert at the Førde festival in UK based magazine: Songlines.

"The most memorable performance was the premiere of Arctic Ice Music, by the world’s only ‘ice musician,’ Terje Isungset. He literally plays trumpets, xylophone, chimes and drums made out of ice. But however extraordinary and beautiful that is, there are limitations to what ice can do. So here he was working with Sami and Inuit singers from the Arctic plus Tuvan throat singer Radik Tyulyush, which brought in an awesome sonic landscape, created in just three days"....
"The various layers, textures and otherworldly sounds seemed like listening to an aural equivalent of the Northern Lights. Glorious, beautiful, but elusive. It is something that deserves to be seen around the world because it’s not only inspirational music, but there’s a powerful message in there as well"

World premiere of new music in Poland

Terje was one of 130 musicians on stage to perform the new written symfony made by Grzech Piotrowski.
A fantastic project. It can be heard on Polish National Radio, or on CD later on.

 Krakow Philharmonie

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Arctic Icemusic at the Førde Festival next week!

A unique meeting with the ice people and their music. Together with Inuit musicians Beatrice Deer & Evie Mark from Canada, Radik Tyulyush from Tuva, and with Sami Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska and Maria Skranes, Terje Isungset, the world’s only ice musician, explores the music of indigenous groups living amongst ice, snow and cold. The goal is to create a new universe, in which the music from the ice instruments literally melts together with the voices and tones from Jew’s harp, igil, byzaanchi and shoor.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

ISGLEM - new CD release August 2016!

Our 5th album is ready for release:
19.08.2016 - NORCD1678 
Isglem, 5te

Karl Seglem: Sax & rams horns.
Terje Isungset: Drums.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Look out for upcoming Icemusic concerts with Terje Isungset & his ice band in Europe!

Upcoming Ice concerts in Europe:

July 8th: Norway. Førde (Førde International Folk Festival)
October 25th:England. Southampton
October 26th:England. Nottingham
October 27th:Belgium. Hasselt (Cultuurcentrum Hasselt)
October 28th:Holland. Rotterdam (De Doelen) 
October 29th:Holland. Eindhoven (Muziekgebouw Frits Phillip)
November 7th till 11th. Norway. Schools in Bergen.
November 12th: Norway. Available date for booking
November 13th:Norway.  Sauda Kulturhus.
November 14th:Norway. Suldal Kulturhus.
November 15th:Norway. Forsand Kulturhus.
November 16th:Norway. Rennesøy Kulturhus.
November 17th:Norway. Strand Kulturhus.


January 26th:Available date for booking
January 27th:Belgium. Turnhout (De Warande)
January 28th:Belgium. Turnhout (De Warande)
January 29th: Available date for booking
January 30th: Available date for booking
January 31st: Available date for booking
February 1st: Available date for booking
February 2nd:Belgium. Leuven (Wagehuys)
February 3rd:Belgium. Bornem (Ter Dilft)
February 4th: Available date for booking
February 5th:Belgium. Leopoldsburg 

February 9th:   Norway. Icemusicfestival Geilo.
February 10th: Norway. Icemusicfestival Geilo.
February 11th: Norway. Icemusicfestival Geilo.
February 12th: Norway. Icemusicfestival Geilo.

February 17th: Japan. Hokkaido.
February 18th till 22nd: Japan. Available dates for booking

For details please do check Terje Isungset Calendar